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RESTEasy is a JBoss project that provides various frameworks to help you build RESTful Web Services and RESTful Java applications. It is a fully certified and portable implementation of the JAX-RS specification. JAX-RS is a new JCP specification that provides a Java API for RESTful Web Services over the HTTP protocol.

RESTEasy can run in any Servlet container, but tighter integration with the JBoss Application Server is also available to make the user experience nicer in that environment.


  • Fully certified JAX-RS implementation
  • Portable to any app-server/Tomcat that runs on JDK 6 or higher
  • Embeddedable server implementation for junit testing
  • Client framework that leverages JAX-RS annotations so that you can write HTTP clients easily (JAX-RS only defines server bindings)
  • Client "Browser" cache. Supports HTTP 1.1 caching semantics including cache revalidation
  • Server in-memory cache. Local response cache. Automatically handles ETag generation and cache revalidation
  • Rich set of providers for: XML, JSON, YAML, Fastinfoset, Multipart, XOP, Atom, etc.
  • JAXB marshalling into XML, JSON, Jackson, Fastinfoset, and Atom as well as wrappers for maps, arrays, lists, and sets of JAXB Objects.
  • GZIP content-encoding. Automatic GZIP compression/decompression suppport in client and server frameworks
  • Asynchronous HTTP (Comet) abstractions for JBoss Web, Tomcat 6, and Servlet 3.0
  • Asynchronous Job Service.
  • Rich interceptor model.
  • OAuth2 and Distributed SSO with JBoss AS7
  • Digital Signature and encryption support with S/MIME and DOSETA
  • EJB, Seam, Guice, Spring, and Spring MVC integration


  • 9/17/2014 3.0.9.Final Release: Maintenance
  • 3/31/2014 3.0.7.Final Release: Maintenance
  • 12/11/2013 3.0.6.Final Release: Maintenance
  • 10/31/2013 3.0.5.Final Release: Maintenance
  • 9/5/2013 3.0.4.Final Feature release:  Netty4, JWE, and other stuff
  • 8/6/2013 3.0.3.Final Maintenance release
  • 7/17/2013 3.0.2.Final, 2.3.7.Final.  Maintenance
  • 6/19/2013 3.0.1.Final Released.  Quick bugfix.
  • 6/18/2013 Resteasy 3.0.0.Final Released!  JAX-RS 2.0, OAuth2, and other new features
  • 5/30/2013 Resteasy 3.0-beta-6, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview, heading towards certification
  • 5/7/2013 Resteasy 3.0-beta-5, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview, final spec update
  • 4/10/2013 Resteasy 3.0-beta-4, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview, latest spec update
  • 4/10/2013 Resteasy 2.3.6, maintenance
  • 2/7/2013 Resteasy 3.0-beta-3, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview, latest spec update
  • 1/24/2013 Resteasy 3.0-beta-2, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview, New OAuth2 Support
  • 10/30/2012 Resteasy 3.0-beta-1, JAX-RS 2.0 Preview
  • 10/22/2012 Restasy 2.3.5.Final Released, maintenance
  • 5/29/2012 Resteasy 2.3.4.Final Released, maintenance plus some new features
  • 4/30/2012 RESTEasy 2.3.3.Final Maintenance Release
  • 1/18/2012 RESTEasy 2.3.1.GA Maintenance Release
  • 12/5/2011 RESTEasy 2.3.0.GA Released with new security features
  • 10/24/2011 RESTEasy 2.2.3.GA Maintenance Release
  • 8/3/2011 RESTEasy 2.2.2.GA Maintenance Release
  • 6/23/2011 RESTEasy 2.2.1.GA Maintenance Release
  • 5/31/2011 RESTEasy 2.2.0.GA Released with new Signature framework
  • 3/31/2011 Hornet 2.2.2 Released with REST interface
  • 12/15/2010 RESTEasy 2.1.0.GA Released
  • 8/10/2010. RESTEasy 2.0.1.GA Released
  • 8/9/2010. HornetQ REST Interface built on top of RESTEasy Released
  • July 20th, 2010. RESTEasy 2.0.0.GA released!
  • November 3, 2009. RESTEasy 1.2.GA, lots of bug fixes
  • June 17, 2009. RESTEasy 1.1.GA, lots of bug fixes and features
  • February 12, 2009. RESTEasy 1.0.2.GA, another quick bug patch
  • January 30, 2009. RESTEasy 1.0.1.GA, quick bug patch
  • January 27, 2009. eWeek article on RESTEasy
  • January 21, 2009. RESTEasy 1.0.0.GA released and certified